Trustees have major challenges to consider in setting a long term strategy.

Should it be buyout or renewal? 

C-Suite Pension Strategies has devised, with leading financial institutions, FiduciaryPlus which makes running on a DB pension scheme attractive.  Pension schemes become Corporate Wealth Funds.  

With Solvency II being fiercely debated, economic challenges and what's best for members needing renewed attention, an alternative journey is needed.

What do you think?  How would you respond to the following statements? 

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* 1. Prudence says that until the impact of Solvency II reforms and demographic uncertainties are clearer, risk transfers should be on hold.

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* 2. The additional insurance cover that a buyout brings for savers’ pensions is modest and diminishing and can make severing the sponsor covenant questionable.

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* 3. ESG considerations and Court rulings allowing annuity transfers makes who will control a saver's pension and what they invest in a significant factor for trustees in assessing members’ best interests.

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* 4. Trustees should consider seeking discretionary benefit improvements for members in inflationary times.

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* 5. Trustees should consider running on, keeping the sponsor, with the renewal of the scheme on a modernised basis so all stakeholders can be rewarded.

C-Suite Pension Strategies believe that running on established DB pension schemes can create substantial value for all stakeholders.  We have close partnerships with leading asset managers and financial institutions who can make running on happen.  We also work with MorganAsh who provide Medically Underwritten Mortality Studies.

How strong is the case for DB buyouts in 2022?