NMD and PTAM Feedback Survey 2018

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Your valuable time and feedback is greatly appreciated - this should only take a few minutes... honest!

For anyone new to these particular public awareness events, here is a quick history/concept behind it all:

National Massage Day was re-launched in 2018 on 1st October - with Gill Tree handing over the co-ordination to me, Lizzie Badger. I wanted to take the opportunity to broaden the reach and impact - so also introduced a new Pro-Touch Awareness Month, running through all of October.

The aim is to raise awareness and celebrate not only the wonders of massage, but ALL hands-on, touch and connection therapies out there! This first year saw the creation of a new open facebook group (now over 1100 members) and a free online platform of expert information - hoping to broaden awareness of such therapies to other practitioners and the public alike. Over 50 videos, blogs, articles, specific benefits and client testimonials were included - and this will keep growing.

By way of celebration, the new sponsors (the Therapist Business Club) provided free digital facebook graphics, logos, images, banners and posters to download as well as tips, marketing ideas and ways to celebrate by "paying it forward". This was not only to create PR opportunities for all therapists taking part - but to collectively be a force for good at the same.

We already have grand plans for the 2019 campaign, such as taking it outside of the UK - but this is of course an all-inclusive, non-competitive public event - so we want you to be fully involved and have your say! Everything will be treated in confidence and rest assured we will be reading every response and suggestion.

There is also an opportunity to be involved with the new 2019 Steering Group - so please do let us know (at the end of the survey) if you want to get for fully involved as a "Champion" or know more. Exciting times ahead!

Very many thanks again - let's really put "NMD/PTAM 2019 on the map!

Much Love,

Lizzie xxx

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* 1. Are you here as a therapist or member of the public?

Question Title

* 2. As a therapist - did you celebrate with a special offer or "paying it forward"? If so, please tell us what you did - or plan to do next year?

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* 3. Online Campaign: Have you seen the facebook group? If not, please visit the group here and request to join (so we can add you and you can feed back and be ready for 2019!). Otherwise, please rate what was useful/interesting - or would be for 2019.

  Yes Neutral No N/A
(NMD/PTAM) logos for websites/social media
Facebook banners
Graphics, images, quotes to share on facebook
Downloadable A4 poster for your therapy room
Marketing ideas sheet to download
Articles and Blogs from collaborators (such as FHT and Massage World Magazine)
Videos from the various experts
Client Testimonials and therapy benefits
Competitions for group members
Special offers for group members
Facebook lives and watch parties
Charity shout outs
Sharing each others' campaigns, offers and ideas

Question Title

* 4. Online Campaign: Have you seen the free expert platform? If not, please visit the page here and sign up! Otherwise, as before, please quickly rate the topics of interest (if you've heard of them!) - or you would like to see added for 2019.

  Yes No Not heard of it
Story Massage
Soul Midwives
Indian Head Massage
Trusted Touch
Adult to Child Touch
Lymphatic Massage
Touch for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Lomi Lomi Massage
Baby Massage
Massage and Cancer
Scarwork Massage
Palliative Care
Myofascial Release
Foot Massage
Bowen Technique
Pregnancy Massage
EMMETT Technique
Facial Massage
Multi-sensory Massage
Animals in Therapy

Question Title

* 5. How would you prefer to see this information presented? Please quickly rank all suggested methods - and by all means add any other ideas in the comments box.

  1 Least preferred 2 3 Neutral 4 5 Most preferred
Video - basic introduction
Blog/Article about the therapy
List of possible benefits
Client Testimonials
Links to experts/more info

Question Title

* 6. What else would you like to see for 2019? How can we best spread the word? We have started a list of ideas - so please rate those of interest and please do add your own suggestions in the comments too.

  1 Least Preferred 2 3 Neutral 4 5 Most Preferred
Involvement of radio stations
'One Million Free Massages' (OM fm) campaign
Involvement of trade magazines
Involvement of awarding/Membership bodies
Involvement of charities that need therapist volunteers

Question Title

* 7. How can we help you to plan or organise your own event(s) for 2019? Would any of the following be useful? Tick all that apply.

Question Title

* 8. Would you like to be a part of our Steering Group for 2019? If so, please state below your area of expertise and/or influence - and what you would bring to the table. (Otherwise skip the question).

Question Title

* 9. If you would like us to keep you informed via our e-newsletter, notify you if you are a prize-winner and/or contact you about the Steering Group, please leave your details below. We are fully GDPR compliant and will never share your details (or spam you!). Thanks so much:

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* 10. In your own words, just briefly, how important is touch to you?