Welcome to the Schools and Colleges Registration for Chefs Back to School

Our Chefs Back to School programme was piloted in 2018. Student chefs returned to their original secondary school. They provided a practical demonstration to an examination class and described their own course and future career prospects to pupils at the school. 

The project objectives are

-          Utilise estimated 20,000 (17-19-year-old) hospitality and catering students to go back to 1,000 secondary schools and reach at least 25,000 pupils by 2022, starting with 200 schools in 2018-19.

-          On their visit, student chefs will meet pupils, teaching staff and headteachers, increasing the visibility of this valuable subject, creating a talking point and photo opportunity in school of a successful ex-student.

-          Upskill the student chefs to confidently demonstrate their culinary skills in order to enthuse other young people about Hospitality & Catering courses, and the benefits of a career within the food industry. Post school visit, student chefs will be able to reflect on how much they have learned on their course which will boost their self-esteem, as well as improve their planning and presentation skills.

-          Provide secondary school food teachers with first-hand up to date information about local courses and careers, so that they are better equipped to give accurate careers advice to pupils and parents during ‘options’ meetings

-          Forge a sustainable, long term partnership between local schools and colleges to increase recruitment to local catering and hospitality courses and provide support between them.

If you are a college or secondary school food teachers in UK that would like to take part, then please register by answering the following questions: 

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