This is an anonymous survey. It will take approximately five minutes of your time.

To make things easier, please make sure you have information to hand for financial years: 2020/21; 2021/22 and 2022/23 before you start the survey. We will ask about budget for the year of 2023/24, you may have this already or it might be a projection/estimation, which is fine. 

You will need information on overall youth work budget, paid staff and volunteers.

Please complete by Midnight Thursday 30th March 2023.

How we will use this information 
The figures for local budgets will NOT be shared publicly and will NOT be identified by specific local area. We will use only the estimated percentage increase/decrease in any public forum. We will protect your anonymity.

We declare that we will use publicly only the following information:

-      Percentage increase/decrease of budget and/or staffing levels only (no figures!)
-      Any quotes from impact statements will be anonymous
-      The ONLY time we will use figures is for an estimated NATIONAL figure, NOT broken down by council area 

The purpose of the survey and the raw data is to allow us to gather a clear picture so we can influence politicians from all parties. We will never reveal sources, nor share individual local authority figures publicly; the raw data is only for background for political lobbying purposes and will not be shared, copied or given to any politician, local or national, or any political party, or journalist.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information about how your data will be stored.

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