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Any late entries will not be processed.



Thank you for deciding to enter the Amused Moose Comedy's National New Comic awards because you believe you have what it takes to be famous, just the same as Jack Whitehall, Greg Davies, Sarah Millican, Josh Widdicombe, Romesh Ranganathan, Seann Walsh, Kevin Bridges, Rob Beckett, Rhod Gilbert and Nina Conti who won through some years ago.

Throughout the Amused Moose Comedy's National New Comic awards the search is focussed on "potential star quality" - in other words for new comedy performers, who have the potential to progress beyond the comedy circuit. 

Entries are open to anyone who 18 or over, from anywhere in the UK and ROI, who matches the entry criteria on

Entries are initially online including a link to a 8-10 minute clip (or two 5 minute clips) of your stand-up, with talentscouts worldwide viewing these and selecting who will go through to a semi-final.  The clip/clips you upload must be of you recently getting laughs onstage at a comedy club.  So film your set/sets if you haven't filmed yourself recently, and edit it/them so they start with you walking up to the mic.  Then upload it to YouTube, Vimeo etc (maybe 'password protected').  The standard of filming is not important - asking someone at a gig to film you on your phone should be fine, provided you can be seen and clearly heard.

You also are asked to select dates when you could do a 10 minute set in London in the semi-final rounds (the semi-final dates include two 'wildcard' dates and it is recommended that you offer at least one of the 'wildcard' dates, as well as at least one of the earlier semi-final dates). 

Comedy industry talentscouts based mainly within 100 miles of London come along to the semi-finals, to vote and ratify the audience votes about who will go through to the final.  At the final in London in June/July or mid-August in Edinburgh (tbc) dozens of comedy industry talentscouts will be there to also vote, and a panel drawn from those will ratify the audience votes about who wins the three trophies.

Before entering it is ESSENTIAL that you read because it includes the entry criteria and terms/condition of entry, plus lots of useful information. 

ENTER AS EARLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (entries close on 14 January) so the panel have maximum time to watch your clip, and also increase your chance of being offered one of your preferred semifinal dates.   If possible do enter before the Christmas break or soon after Christmas.
Having checked the entry elegibility criteria (on the link above), and then have prepared your clip/clips and uploaded it/them, please complete the entry form below:

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* 2.

Amused Moose Comedy's National New Comic award is a search for new and breakthrough comedy performers.

By clicking the 'Yes' button I confirm I have NOT won a trophy in a final of Amused Moose National New Comic award or Amused Moose Laugh Off, NOR have I entered either/both of these three or more times,
plus I confirm that other comedians would definitely describe me as "new" or "newish",
and I confirm that I do not have comedy representation which is proactive in getting me comedy work. (NB: having someone who is reactive, solely doing admin, is fine)

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* 3. If you confirmed this, you will be asked to
1) choose semi-finals in London that you could attend (including at least one of the two 'wildcard' dates), and
2) confirm that you could travel to London, for a semi-final (and wildcard semifinal if need be), and also the final whether it is in London (June/July) or during the Edinburgh Fringe (mid-August), which all have public audiences and 'comedy industry' panellists, if you are selected to progress to these rounds.

The live SEMI-FINALS in London will be on 8, 15, 22, 29 FEBRUARY and 7 MARCH (followed by the live WILDCARD SEMI-FINALS in London on 28 MARCH and 4 APRIL), compered by Mark Dolan or Johnny Cochrane.
The live FINAL will be either in London in June/July. or at the Edinburgh Fringe in mid-August.  

Please confirm that you can attend SEMI-FINALS and FINAL as follows:

By clicking 'Yes' here, I confirm that if I progress through to these, I can and will travel to London to perform in semi-finals, and to London or Edinburgh for the Final, on dates that I am offering as part of this entry

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* 4. .....
Please click the 'Yes' button for ONE OR MORE of SEMI-FINALS 1 TO 5, and
click the 'Yes' button for ONE OR BOTH of the WILDCARD SEMI-FINALS,
click the 'Yes' button for BOTH finals,
to confirm that you could perform a 10 minute set on those dates and locations, and agree to definitely keep those dates free until hopefully we can email you with the date/time and venue where we are expecting you:

SEMI-FINAL 1: Saturday 8 February in London (all evening)
SEMI-FINAL 2: Saturday 15 February in London (all evening)
SEMI-FINAL 3: Saturday 22 February in London (all evening)
SEMI-FINAL 4: Saturday 29 February in London (all evening)
SEMI-FINAL 5: Saturday 7 March in London (all evening)
WILDCARD SEMI-FINAL 1: Saturday 28 March in London (all evening)
WILDCARD SEMI-FINAL 2: Saturday 4 April in London (all evening)
FINAL if it is held in London in June or July (all evening)
FINAL if it is held in Edinburgh in mid-August

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* 5.          Ensure you have made a note of the dates of all the semifinals you have confirmed you could perform at.