Participant Information Sheet

Thank you for taking part in our online survey. This information sheet provides details about the questionnaire and the wider research project. Please read it carefully.

This research aims to evaluate how you manage the transition to university. It follows on from an EU-funded project called Autism&Uni. One of the project outputs is an online toolkit which your university has chosen to adopt. However, you are not required to use the toolkit in order to take part in this research.

Why should I participate?
You are invited to participate because as an autistic student you can contribute to our understanding of what it is like to start university, and what support is helpful. We will ask about your skills, knowledge, aspirations and worries during this transition.

Do I have to take part?
No, participation is voluntary and up to the point of submitting the questionnaire you are free to withdraw without giving a reason. Your details and responses will then not be used.

What happens with the information?
The University undertakes research as part of its function for the community under its legal status. Data protection allows us to use personal data for evidencing the impact of research, with appropriate safeguards in place, under the legal basis of public tasks that are in the public interest.  A full statement of your rights can be found at

The research may result in reports and academic papers. If you permit us, we may use quotes from what you have told us in publications. We may invite you to take part in further research if you are happy to participate.

Contact for further information
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any part of the questionnaire before you complete it. This research project is undertaken by the Autism&Uni research team at Leeds Beckett University ( Ethical approval has been sought from the Ethics Committee at Leeds Beckett University.

Lead Researcher: Dr Marc Fabri, Leeds Beckett University
Contact: or 0113 81 23317

Thank you for taking the time to read this information sheet.