Blaby District Council has commissioned thinkingplace to work with us to develop a forward-looking place story for Blaby District. This will help build pride and local confidence and to help us understand what's important to our residents, market the area to attract people to the Blaby District area, encourage investment and visitors, create jobs, and support existing business in our area.

Blaby District has some great things going for it, lots of potential, and more needs to be done to raise the profile and image of our area With this in mind, we want your views to help us understand local issues and priorities as well as ideas you may have for the future of Blaby District.

This is about:

·         Making Blaby District a better place to live and work

·         Creating a place where people want to spend time and money

·         Understanding our assets so we can package them better

·         Ensuring we have an environment where businesses choose to locate, stay and grow

·         Appreciating the assets that surround us which should be part of our story

·         Defining and celebrating what makes Blaby District special


It would be very helpful if you could spend a few minutes completing this survey to share your thoughts and views with us.

The survey will be open until 1st December 2023