On the 11 February 2016 we met as a community to listen to Rugby Borough Council and we heard about their proposals to build up to 100 new homes on green belt land within Brinklow. The proposal came as a complete shock to the community. The Parish Council objected to the development on green belt land, and established a Neighbourhood Planning group to consider what steps we could take to influence future development. This group recommended the production of a Neighbourhood Plan, and through a referendum you as a community mandated the Parish Council to produce such a plan.

The Neighbourhood Planning Group has worked on your behalf holding numerous consultation meetings to gather your views on your community, particularly what’s important to you as the Parish grows. The Neighbourhood Plan will not stop approved development taking place, but it will influence what is developed and where development takes place. A Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document and Rugby Borough Council must take it into account when considering future development within the Parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan Area has been agreed with Rugby Borough Council and is the same as the Parish Boundary. It is outlined in red on the map click here (To view the Maps in this survey and the questions side by side use the restore down button next to the X in the top right hand corner of the screen. If you are happy to flick between the Maps and the Survey use the relevant tabs at the top of the screen)

As part of the process of gathering information to build the Neighbourhood Plan, we need your views on what is important in the community, and how you would like to see it develop. To do this the Neighbourhood Planning Group has produced this questionnaire. The Parish Council strongly encourages you to complete and submit this questionnaire, either on paper or online.

Submitted questionnaires will be analysed and the Neighbourhood Planning Group will develop a draft Neighbourhood Plan, based on what the community collectively thinks about future development within the Parish. The community will be asked to vote on the draft Plan after it has been approved by Rugby Borough Council and a nationally appointed Planning Inspector.

Thank you for your time completing this questionnaire. Your answers and views will contribute to the future of your parish.

Brinklow Parish Council