This survey has been designed to gather information from those working and volunteering in Fife's third sector about the ways in which they keep essential technology secure. The ability of an organisation to continue delivering its services in the face of technological threats is known as "Cyber Resilience"

The results of this survey will be used to:
  • Inform a report to the Scottish Government which will explore the awareness of Fife's third sector of cyber resilience issues, and its readiness to address issues as they arise;
  • Identify barriers to cyber resilience in Fife's third sector, and allow us to develop strategies for combating this in the future; and
  • Inform the contents of cyber resilience training due to be delivered in Fife in spring 2019. The more information that we receive about your needs, the more relevant and accessible that training will be.

We estimate that the survey should take around 15 minutes to complete. Most questions require an answer- this is to ensure that we gather as much information as possible.

Ideally, the survey will be completed by someone in your organisation with a relatively good knowledge of how your IT systems work. That doesn't have to be an IT professional- any appropriate staff member, volunteer or committee member will be fine- but those without a knowledge of such systems may struggle to complete the survey fully.

Some of the questions in this survey will ask about your readiness to respond to technological threats. We understand that you may feel uncomfortable providing this information. We'll only share this information in an anonymised or aggregated way, minimising any risk. The more information that you can share with us, the stronger the support that we can provide to the sector will be.

If you have any questions about this survey, or about the broader research that it seeks to inform, please contact Michael Nicholson (Capacity Building Support Officer) at michael@fva.org.