***The survey should take 10 minutes to complete, and the results will be kept anonymous. Majority of the survey requires you to agree or disagree with the provided statements.***

Thank you for agreeing to take part in a research study on effective data and analytics leadership to deliver sustainable competitive business advantage.
The survey is first of the three stages of Data Leaders collaboration with Eddie Short. Eddie is an experienced Chief Data Officer and established contributor to the community, completing Doctor of Business Administration Research, which is being conducted with Aston University Business School
The goal this of the research is to help leaders like you by creating a well-rounded understanding into the below focus areas:
        1. How does an organisation setup and maintain the organisation and people which will deliver sustainable and sustained competitive performance (i.e. outperforming competition in terms of key Financial and Sustainability metrics) using Big Data and Analytics (BDAC), and
        2. What is the role/skills and scope of the leader of that capability within the organisation. 
Because of your profile as a data and analytics leader, we believe you will have a strong interest in the research and the findings. D&A leaders in our community have already been tapping into the value from exchanging their best practice, insights and ideas. Participation in this research can further help leaders like you to have tangible, academically supported research insights, which can help you further strengthen data’s position in the business.

The research survey and interview process will comply with both the University Privacy Policy and Data Leaders privacy policy. By participating in the survey you are actively opting in and giving your consent to share the information with Eddie Short, the Researcher. No information about you or your organisation will be shared as part of the research and all data will be aggregated, anonymised and stored in an encrypted format.
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