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As a design consultancy, Clearleft works closely with all sorts of designers and design teams. We’re looking for your help to understand how design works within organisations around the globe.

Our Design Maturity Assessment aims to measure the state of human-centred practice within an organisation, based on five criteria pivotal to success: Collaboration, Empathy, Impact, Trust & Purpose. Your contribution will help us prepare a report to be shared later this year.

If you're involved in the design process in any way, then please complete the survey as best you can. It should take no more than 10 minutes. None of the questions are mandatory, so feel free to skip any that feel confusing or irrelevant.

The results will be anonymised and completely non–attributable (so please be completely honest with your opinions).

If you are a freelancer or work for an agency/consultancy, please answer all questions based on the organisation for your current assignment.
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