Within discussions of the Working Group on the Future of the Agreement, Members are requested to express their opinion on whether, in addition to private sector coffee associations, civil society, and non-governmental organizations, individual private companies should also be eligible to become an Affiliate Member of the International Coffee Organization, and therefore, join the Board of Affiliate Members (BAM).

Affiliate Membership will not change the intergovernmental nature of the ICO, as the decision-making process will always take place within the International Coffee Council and voting rights will remain a prerogative of ICO’s Member Governments only.

As per the proposal approved by the WGFA, “entities” that wish to be recognized as an Affiliate Member of the Organization need to submit an application to the Council and be endorsed by an ICO Member. The Council shall accept or reject applications and establish a schedule of annual contributions to be paid by Affiliate Members. In addition, Affiliate Members’ status shall be reviewed every year by the Council.

According to the article on the BAM included in the draft of the new ICA:

The Board of Affiliate Members (hereinafter referred to as the BAM) shall be an advisory body which may make recommendations upon request of the Council, as well as invite the Council and its subsidiary bodies to include in their Agendas and decide on matters related to this Agreement and to the state of the world coffee sector

The BAM shall consist of all Affiliate Members.

The BAM shall have a Chair and a Vice-Chair elected from among its members, for a period of one year. These officers may be re-elected. The Chair and the Vice-Chair shall not be paid by the Organization.

The Chair and the Vice-Chair of the BAM shall be invited to participate in meetings of the Council and shall have the right to intervene.

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the BAM shall represent the Board in the Coffee Public-Private Working Party (CPPWP).

The BAM shall normally meet at the seat of the Organization, during regular sessions of the Council.  In case of acceptance by the Council of an invitation by a Member to hold a meeting in its territory, the BAM shall also meet in that territory, in which case the additional costs to the Organization involved above those incurred when the meeting is held at the seat of the Organization shall be borne by the country or private sector organization hosting the meeting.

The BAM may hold special meetings subject to approval by the Council.

The BAM shall establish its own rules of procedure, consistent with the provisions of this Agreement.

Following concerns raised by some delegations on allowing both private sector coffee associations and individual private companies to become Affiliate Members and be part of the BAM, Members are invited to express their preference by selecting one of the options below and, if possible, briefly explaining the reasons for their choice.

Kindly note private sector companies already participate in the work of the Organization through the Coffee Public-Private Task Force (CCPTF) which will be transformed into a permanent body in the new ICA – called Coffee Public-Private Working Party (CPPWP) – within which private companies will continue their engagement in ICO’s activities. It is also worth mentioning that CPPTF's functioning and activities currently rely on the contributions of the private sector and that by not allowing the affiliate membership of private companies, farmers and producers organized as private companies would be prevented from contributing to the work of the Organization.
As emerged during the WGFA meeting held on 22 March 2022, the usage of general wording in the Agreement allows for greater flexibility without making it necessary to amend the text of it should Members’ position change throughout the duration of the Agreement itself.

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* 5. Which private sector entities should be eligible to be
considered for Affiliate membership by decision of the Council?

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