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Emerging  preferences and choices for the refurbishment of your home and block

In our ongoing commitment to refurbish Lancaster West Estate into a 21st carbon-neutral estate, we are now at a stage where we are ready to begin offering and collecting definite choices and preferences for the next stage of the refurbishment of your home and block.

Your block designers have produced some further designs and proposals for the refurbishment of your block and we would like you to give us your preferences and choices. Your response will inform the continuing refurbishment. Once we have residents’ feedback, we will analyse the information and share the results with you.

These questions are for residents who live in Camborne Mews.  For more information on the different options and choices, please refer to your 'Emerging Preferences and Choices' booklet. If you don't think you should be on this page, please stop and contact the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team on 0800 389 2005 or