Survey background

Thank you for your participation in the EVORA Insights Real estate Investment Sustainability (IRIS) Survey 2023. This is the third year of running this survey as part of our broader Insights Programme, a series of events and publications consisting of roundtable discussions, training webinars, white papers and insights reports. In the first two years of the survey we have attracted more than 200 participants managing more than $3trn of AUM.
The objective of the Insights Programme is to inform the real asset investment community on the potential impacts of sustainability on the investment lifecycle from capital raising to disposal. Sustainability and specifically climate risk has gained significant momentum, but with rapid evolution comes complexity and potential confusion. We hope that by engaging and collaborating with the industry we can disseminate and simplify the complex and share insightful information that aids decision making.
The Real Estate Investment Sustainability (IRIS) Survey 2023 is structured into four sections:
  • General Information
  • Regulation and Disclosure
  • Risk and Resilience
  • Investment Integration
The survey should not take more than 10 minutes to complete.
On completion of the survey, if you provide your email address, we will be able to send you an early summary of the results.
Your participation and insights are appreciated.