Snap Survey! Closes midnight 23rd October 2016

We want to find out what you think about free time in East Lothian and why it’s important to you - where you like to hang out, what you like to do and what gets in the way.

This survey is for young people between 12 and 18 in East Lothian and will help us write a Play Policy for East Lothian that covers children and young people’s play and free time opportunities.

If you need help to complete the survey, it’s fine to ask someone to help – just make sure the answers are your own!

The survey has five questions and takes up to about 5 minutes to complete.

Question Title

* 1. Where is your favourite place to spend your free time?

Question Title

* 2. What do you think are the THREE most important about having free time to do what you want with?

Question Title

* 3. What do you think gets in the way of having a good time in your free time in East Lothian? (Please rate each answer)

  Not a barrier Small barrier Barrier Big barrier
Parents/carers don’t understand why free time is important
Other adults (e.g. teachers, neighbours, people in charge) don’t understand why free time is important
Young people don’t feel welcome in local community spaces
There aren’t enough good places to spend your free time
It’s difficult to get to the good places
Not feeling safe
There isn’t enough free time because of activities, clubs or homework etc.
There isn’t enough free time because of time spent on computers, watching television etc.
It costs too much money to do the things you want to in your free time
Places you’d want to hang out are not accessible and inclusive

Question Title

* 4. How important are these things for supporting free time opportunities for young people? (Please rate each answer)

  Not important

Quite important Important Very important
Create a local group or network that listens to the views of young people about their free time
Do some promotion to help people understand that having free time is important for young people
Promote more positive attitudes about young people
Ensure young people with Additional Support Needs have access to quality free time opportunities
Improve access to outdoor spaces including natural and wild spaces
When the Council make any plans make sure these support free time opportunities for young people
Offer training to people working with young people
Provide guidance on adventurous opportunities, risk, and challenges in free time
Always talk to young people about issues related to their free time and free time spaces

Question Title

* 5. Which town or village do you live in (or nearest town/village)?

Question Title

* 6. How old are you?