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We have been told by Chichester District Council (CDC) that we have to have 200 houses built in Hunston. Though we continue to challenge this, we still have to write a document called a Neighbourhood Plan in which we say where they are built. 

A Neighbourhood Plan says what our vision for Hunston's future looks like. It gives us the chance to say where extra houses are built. 

The other good thing about a Neighbourhood Plan is that we will get around £350,000 from something called a Community Infrastructure Levy, if we build 200 houses. We will be able to invest this in the village. 

Without a Neighbourhood Plan, CDC will simply tell us where the houses are to go. We will have no say. 

Finally, we want to keep everything that is great about Hunston. But as we have to have new houses, we want to make sure our voices are heard.

By filling in this questionnaire you will be giving us your view of life in the village. This will mean we can make sure that the Neighbourhood Plan says what YOU want.
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