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1. Individual Member application

Please read the following information before completing the application form below.
If you require any further information or help with your application please contact the ICCM on the email addresses below.
Classes of Membership
There are five classes of membership of the Institute:
Life Members
Qualified Members
Associate Members
Life Members and Fellows are those Members of the Institute who are deemed by the Board of Directors to have made a significant contribution to the work of the Institute or to the bereavement services industry. The election by the Board of Directors to one of these classes of membership is an honour and recognition of the achievement of the Member.
To qualify as a Qualified Member of the Institute, the applicant must be of suitable character to enjoy the status of Member, and must also hold the Institute’s Diploma. Holding 5 consecutive year’s certification in the Institute’s Continuing Professional Development Scheme will also qualify a person to become a Qualified Member.
All successful new applicants of the Institute will be classed as either an Associate or Member. In order to be eligible for a Member, applicants must either:
a) be students registered for the Institute’s examinations, or studying under the crematorium Technicians Training Scheme or Cemetery Operatives Training Scheme, or
b) be a non-Diploma holder gainfully employed in a burial, cremation or similar undertaking connected to the disposal of the dead or a public ancillary service thereto.
If neither is applicable then you may join as a non-voting Associate Member of ICCM
Please note that classes of membership hold full voting rights except Associate Members, but that only Life Members, Fellows and Qualified Members shall be eligible to act as Directors of the Board.
Members of the Institute may use the following abbreviations after their names to indicate their membership of a professional body:
Fellows FICCM
Qualified Members QICCM
Members MICCM
Associate Members AICCM
Diploma holders may add (Diploma) or (Dip) after the appropriate abbreviation.
Membership Benefits

 Joining ICCM Membership, means you have access to the following benefits:

·        4 issues of the ICCM’s high quality publication - The Journal - per year, physically and or electronically

·        2 free professional members for every Full corporate membership

·        Free attendance at branch meetings, forums and webinars for learning and for discussing common problems

·        Free technical and legal advice via telephone or email from a team of fully qualified and experienced Officers

·        Discounts on all ICCM 1 day training courses

·        Access to the only accredited qualifications specifically designed for cemetery and crematorium staff – the Accredited Diploma; the BTEC Accredited Crematorium Technicians Training Scheme & City and Guilds Accredited Cemetery Operatives Training Scheme.    
·        Mailchimp e-newsletters and technical updates announcing any new developments or changes that will affect the industry as soon as they happen

·        Free access to best practice guidance and information on a range of subjects relating to bereavement services

·        Representation at Government level on policy decisions

·        Discounted rates for the Annual Learning Convention and Exhibition

·        Access to the new fully accredited Diploma and education services

·        Annual Education Seminar

·        Management placement service and staff cover options available

·        Access to monthly webinars on Industry wide topics and participation in discussions

Important notes –

1.         Professional members, unless elected as Fellows, are not eligible for membership of the Institute’s Board of Directors.

2.         The following are eligible and qualify to apply for Professional Membership:

(a)       Students registered for the Institute’s diploma or studying under the Crematorium Technicians Training Scheme or Cemetery Operatives Training Scheme;

(b)       Any person employed in a burial, cremation or similar undertaking connected with the disposal of the dead or a public service ancillary thereto;

(c)       Members re-admitted to membership under Article 16

If non of these are valid then you may join as an Associate Member of ICCM
Fee of the 2024/25 membership year for period until 31/03/2025 - (membership rates pro-rated for joining after 1/8/2024)

Individual member - £95
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