Member organizations of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) endorsed the Global Social Work Statement of Ethical Principles in 2018 during the General Meeting in Dublin. The Ethics Commission is now planning series of activities in promoting the Ethical Principles. We are asking members in our respective regions to tell us how they are planning to and/or have used the Statement of Principles over the past 12 months. We recognise that everyone will be at different stages, so if there isn’t much to report, please tell us how we can help support you in taking this work forward. Our aim is to use the information you share with us to co-produce ways to promote the principles for social workers. Each Ethics Commissioner is co-ordinating surveys in their regions. Therefore, your completed survey will be returned to the British Association of Social Workers and will be used only for the purposes of this survey. Ana Radulescu and Jane Shears will be holding a workshop at the IFSWe Conference in September based on the survey results, so please do send the link out to all your members and networks. We seek your kind cooperation in disseminating this survey link.

Many thanks.