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Following the success of last year’s webinar series  ‘Joining the Dots: International Conversations on Violence Against Women’ , we are currently planning for series two to run from September 2022.

We have plans for several topics but are seeking views on two further sessions, which we will do our best to organise. We want to hear from you on what topics you would like the series to include this year and who you would like to hear speak about their work.

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* 1. Are there any particular topics you would like us to include in the series?

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* 2. Are there any particular speakers or organisations from whom you would like to hear on these topics? If you have contact details for them please do share..

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* 3. We hope to enable exchange between speakers and those signed in online during the webinars. Do you have thoughts or ideas you want us to consider  in terms of format/attendee engagement? How can/should we make it more interactive for you?  

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* 4. Thank you for taking the time to do this survey and share your ideas.  We will do what we can to follow through.  Information about the series will be shared on our website, and Twitter at @CWASULonMet , @Purna_Sen and via email.

Let us know if you are happy for us to contact you about the webinar series.

See you at the webinars!

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