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Welcome to the CPD 2023 Standards Research Project, supported by universities, institutes and Government.
Share Your Experiences and Views
The CPD Standards Research Project explores your experiences and views as an individual learning new skills and knowledge to enhance your career. 
Join the Mass Movement of Learners
You are invited to participate in this high profile global study by completing this online survey.
Your participation will take approximately 7 minutes, and simply requires you to tell us about your learning experiences and professional development.   

It would be fantastic if you could take part, as a greater number of respondents will ensure the research findings are statistically significant and we can report real CPD trends and information on how to progress your career. 

Please be aware that participation is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and entirely VOLUNTARY.
All data collected from the survey will be utilised internally at CPD Standards for the purposes of research into CPD and improving our services. No data or information will be shared with third parties. 
The Surveys Are Open Until 15 December 2023
Following completion of the project, we will be writing a guide for CPD learners, and research videos, which will be freely available in 2024. 
The study of providing CPD continues to be an area where surprisingly little scientific research has previously been conducted, so we will find your contribution and views invaluable. 
Prize Draw
Two lucky participants will be awarded with a £75 Amazon Voucher. The prize draw will take place at the end of December, and prize winners will be informed by email. More details are in the final section of this survey. 
Anonymous Participation
If you would prefer to complete this survey anonymously, simply skip the questions asking for your name and email address.
True CPD Experts
The CPD Standards Research Project was founded in 2010 in partnership with universities and professional institutes.  We are cutting-edge experts within the CPD field.

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Amanda & the CPD Standards Research Team
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