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Music education in the UK is a global triumph. We are a beacon of good practice and our amazing music educators are in high demand across the world.

But we must not lose the brilliance of the music education sector whatever the challenges around us; be they funding pressures, the EBacc, league tables, academisation and a poverty of ambition.

The National Plan for Music Education in England was the successor to the Music Manifestos of the 2000s. Successive Governments have said they believe in access for all, regardless of background and as a sector we want to make sure this is a reality.
Michael Gove in 2011 said: ‘Music education of high quality […] must not become the preserve of those children whose families can afford to pay for music tuition. While music touches the lives of all young people, the disadvantaged can benefit most.’

Please help us stand up for music education and respond to this survey: Responding to this survey will only take five minutes and your views will help us speak up for children and young people’s access to music education, for music and for the music profession.

This survey primarily relates to the National Plan for Music Education in England. However, all musicians, teachers or otherwise, working across the UK are welcome to respond.

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