We are reviewing the way we provide appointments for specialist skin clinics and exploring ways in which we could develop the service in the future.

We would be grateful for your feedback on some proposed changes, to help us shape the service in the future. The proposals have been developed jointly with consultants and GPs to identify conditions that they think could be provided in a different way.

This survey is anonymous and voluntary.  It will not affect your care in any way.  No personal information will be released and all information will be protected and stored securely in line with data protection rules.

You do not have to answer all of these questions, but we would be very grateful if you would.

What are the proposed changes? 

1. Community Skin Hubs:
  • We are looking to provide clinics closer to patients’ homes in four locations across the city.
  • Improved patient experience with prompt access to specialist opinion, advice and treatment.
  • Shorter waiting times to first appointment and any necessary follow-up appointments.
 2. Tele-dermatology:
  • This is the use of a special camera to take photographs of skin at your GP Practice.
  • All photographs will be stored securely and only accessed by NHS staff involved in your care. 
  • The photographs will be reviewed by a Consultant Dermatologist, who will decide whether you will need to be seen in a hospital clinic, community skin hub or can remain under the care of your GP.
  • If you don’t need further investigation you will be informed of this without having to attend a hospital clinical appointment.
This service is provided in many areas of the country and is an excellent way of helping patients be seen more quickly than at present without losing any quality in the care received.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Hattie Myers ( or Dora Deane ( 0114 226 8983).