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Hello and welcome to the Short Actives Lives Survey: test version.

Here, you can take the survey for yourself to see how it works. This is a test version only - use it to try out the survey, but please do not use this link within any real research or evaluation as the data is not reviewed.

If you want to use SALS within your own research or evaluation, our Guide to the Short Active Lives Survey will help you set it up in the best way for your project and your audience.

Online versions of SALS like this can use question logic and other functionality to improve the survey. Question logic bypasses redundant questions, making the survey quicker and simpler for respondents - we've highlighted within this test version where we've used this. Other functionality might allow you to e.g. add your own logo, or add introduction and thank you pages (as we have done). The types of logic and functionality available will depend on which survey software you use.

For any further questions about how to the Short Active Lives Survey please email us at and we'll be happy to help.

Please click Next to begin the test survey.