The National Stalking Helpline is contacted on a weekly basis by people who have been accused falsely of various complaints as part of the campaign of abuse against them. 

Vexatious complaints can take many forms and can include things such as financial claims, defamation claims, false accusations of theft, fraud, allegations of sexual or physical assault, allegations of child abuse or claims of professional misconduct.  Some of the most distressing cases involve abuse of the family court system (for example, child contact proceedings) to continue stalking or domestic abuse. 

We understand the emotional toll of stalking and the effect these vexatious complaints can have upon people.  Victims often have to pay a high financial and emotional cost in order to defend themselves, needing to take time off work, consult legal advice and many reported feeling emotionally and physically unwell as a result. 

At the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, we want to explore this problem further and hear from people who have suffered from this sort of abuse. Your responses will remain anonymous.