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Thanks for clicking on the link to register your interest in volunteering with Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum

Don't worry if you're still not sure - we're not expecting you to commit to anything at this stage - it's just a chance to give you a bit more info about us and what we do, and to find out a little bit about you

What is the Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum?
Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum (CEPCF) is a group of parent carers who live in Cheshire East. We all have children or young people with additional needs.   We are part of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF)

What does the CEPCF do?
Our aim is to make sure the services in Cheshire East meet the needs of children & young people with disabilities. We work with health, education, social care and anyone who offers these services to support our families

What do volunteers do?
All sorts! Volunteers might be parent representatives, who go to meetings to help co-produce the services we use, representing the views, experiences and priorities of all our members. Others are on the steering group, who meet monthly to share news and updates and agree the activities of the parent carer forum. You might be unable to get to regular meetings, but want to represent parent carers by reading over proposals and drafts to give feedback on behalf of the members. We need parent carers - friendly people who like to get out and chat with other parents,  people with ideas, with IT know-how, administrative expertise,  social media, marketing, communication, signposting, support and advice for fellow parent carers... we need you!

Why do we do it?
We feel we can make a difference. We can use our experiences - good and bad - to try to improve services and to help other parent carers become better informed. We have all made friends, gained experience and confidence and some new skills. It is good to volunteer with friendly people who all *get it*, who understand that our commitments change and our families come first.  Plus, we sometimes have cake

If you'd like to find out more about volunteering with the PCF more please fill in this form & we'll get in contact with you

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* 1. What is your name & preferred contact details

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* 2. When might you be available to volunteer? 
(don't worry - we know that things do crop up and no week is like another, but just in general!)

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* 3. Are there any specific roles that you are interested in volunteering to do with the PCF?

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* 4. SEND Areas of Interest - How interested are you in each of these areas?

  Want to be a parent representative Want to be involved/updated Not a priority
SEN Support/EHCP Processes
Preparing for Adulthood 
Post 16 Education/Employment
Maximising independent living
Mental Health for Parent Carers
Mental Health for for Children/ Young People with SEND
Short breaks/respite/social care support
Distressed/ challenging/violent behaviour
Home Education/EOTAS
Empowering Parent Carers
Support/Assessment - Neurodevelopmental Conditions -e.g. ASC/ADHD 
Support/Assessment - Sensory Impairment - e.g. visual/hearing impairment
Support/Assessment - LD
Support/Assessment - communication/behavioural difficulties

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* 5. What do you hope to get from volunteering with the PCF?

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* 6. Sometimes volunteering to do something new can feel a bit daunting. We are really keen to support new volunteers with training, buddying and mentoring. Are there any areas you'd like to get some support or training to make you feel more confident about volunteering with the PCF?

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