Survey Introduction

How familiar are you with the EEA & Norway grants and the opportunity they represent for organisations from the Donor States (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)? 
The budget of the EEANO 2014-2021 is almost 3 billion euros, to be allocated to a number of Beneficiary States. Around 30% of this budget is expected to go to the private sector ~ almost 1 billion euros. The Fund Operators strongly encourage the participation of organisations from the Donor States, as bilateral partners in projects promoted by businesses from the Beneficiary States. In the past, around 60% of the successful projects implemented by private sector companies included bilateral partners from the Donor States. The typical budget share of project partners varies between 10-20%, with this percentage encouraged to go up.  
This means an important and privileged window of opportunity for companies based in the Donor States to get access to funding to deploy their products, solutions and expertise on markets across Europe.  
At Winnovart, we are launching a brief survey to understand the level of awareness and interest across the Norwegian and Icelandic business sector for the opportunities of this funding mechanism. 
Please join this 3 minutes' survey, it would be great to have your inputs. Thank you!