What's a "Win"?

To Be Completed In by Stewards, Safety Reps, and other workplace activists

What have you done for your members lately?

Unions are traditionally very poor at communicating what they do for members in the workplace.

But if we don't, few, apart from the affected members will ever know. And we’ll be feeding the myth that unions are no longer relevant in today’s world.

Most of the work you do as union reps are the small things, but add them up across the UK and the overall impact is huge.
  • Often it is about simply ensuring members have a voice in changes happening to them at work;
  • Often CSP stewards and safety reps' and activists' greatest service to members is preventing bad things happening in the first place;
  • Sometimes it is about how you've been organising members, helping them achieve things collectively in the workplace for themselves;
  • Or how you made a difference, working with other ‘staff side’ reps;
  • Or, if you recruited any new reps or members.

When you think of the positive outcomes you have achieved for your members, it can help to think what would have likely happened without your input:

What would they have done without you?

Reflective practice is core to what CSP members do in their professional life. Apply that to your union role too.

So, what have you done for your members lately?

We will review any feedback received, and use this to produce with you case studies and good practice advice to share with other CSP members.