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* 1. Introduction
Your Voice Counts recently started work on a new peer research project on behalf of the Integrated Care System (ICS) to understand people's experiences of support before and after an autism diagnostic assessment. We would like to hear from people aged 18 and over who have gone through or are waiting for an autism diagnosis assessment and live in the Northeast or North Cumbria region. The project is particularly focused on those who do not also have a learning disability.
An autism diagnostic assessment is usually carried out by specially trained health professionals such as a clinical psychologist, specialist mental health nurse or other health professional. They can be based within the NHS, private sector, or voluntary and community services. They use several diagnostic tools to consider any persistent differences you have experienced around social interaction and communication, as well as repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests, activities, and sensory differences.
This survey is anonymous and confidential, and all data is collected and processed in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) (GDPR). The information that you provide will be presented anonymously and will not be linked back to you.
Voluntary Participation/Support
Please remember that participation in this research is voluntary and if taking part in this research in any way causes you distress, you can contact your General Practitioner (GP) or your local hospital. You may like to complete the survey with others, such as a family member, friend, or YVC team member for extra support. If you would like someone from YVC (Your Voice Counts) to help you complete the survey, please contact us on the email/ telephone number below.
By agreeing to take part in this research you recognise that it is voluntary and understand how your data is being collected and evaluated for improving the experiences around support for adults that receive an autism diagnostic assessment.
Completing the survey
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Your Voice Counts by emailing or calling 0191 478 6472.

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