The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER) has been commissioned by Scottish Government to design and develop a suite of anti-racism capacity building resources for everyone working in organisations within the health and social care sector in Scotland.

You can help us to get it right by completing this survey. Everyone’s views on this count.  As well as the vital perspectives of people with lived experience of racism, we also want to hear from colleagues from any background who may have witnessed racism or just might be unsure how to support those who have experienced it.

By racism, we don’t just mean personal racism, bullying and racist incidents – we're also interested in structural racism, which includes things like lack of attention to the needs of minority ethnic people, lack of cultural competence and services that aren’t designed to work well for minority ethnic people.

We’re working in collaboration with colleagues across the sector to identify how the resources can best support the whole workforce to tackle racism and implement anti-racism practices. We want to understand the perspectives of staff from different areas of work and experience across the sector. You can refer to any experience you've had within health and social care sector organisations over the past five years when answering.

We also welcome responses from staff who have left the health and social care sector in the last five years – simply complete the survey referring to your previous role(s).

The survey is completely anonymous and we will protect the information ('data') that you give us; find out more here. Only continue with this survey if you’re happy with our approach to data and consent to CRER holding the information you give us. Only specific CRER staff have access to the survey responses. Data will be destroyed once the resources have been finalised.

The survey's extended closing date is 4th March 2024.

More information about the project is available at the CRER website.

We recognise that this is a sensitive subject. If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this survey, please contact your local support services. More information on ways to access support and advice is provided at the end of the survey, including the National Wellbeing Hub which is available to support the mental well-being of all Health and Social Care workers.
Your Work

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* 1. Which sector do you primarily work in:

Your experiences at work

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* 5. To identify patterns and trends, it's important to look at the experiences of specific ethnic groups. 

To ensure that we can do this meaningfully, please tell us about your ethnicity (categories based on the Scottish Census; please select the one which most closely aligns with your background or if not suitable, use 'other' for a write-in option).

We want you to feel comfortable in sharing this, so please remember that this is an anonymous survey and we will never use information which could identify you personally.

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* 6. Thinking about the organisation you're currently working in (or your last organisation, if not relevant), how well do you understand the following policies and processes?

  No understanding Not much understanding Understand a little Fully understand N/A - I don't think there is a policy on this
Equality and diversity
Dignity at work / Bullying and Harassment
Complaints / grievance procedures
Policies around how potential breaches of policy are investigated
How people who have witnessed racism should report it
How people experiencing racism should report it
Support for people facing racism

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* 7. Thinking about the organisation you're currently working in (or your last organisation, if not relevant), have you received specific training on anti-racism or race equality in the last five years?