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Iatrogenic Withdrawal Syndrome (IWS) is a well-known adverse effect of exposure to high doses of sedatives and analgesics. In the pediatric ICU, the reported incidence is one in three mechanically ventilated children. In adult ICUs, reported prevalence rates range from 32-100% and are based on small proportions of patients screened using non-validated IWS screening tools. IWS has not yet been adequately investigated in adult critical care due to the lack of a validated adult IWS screening tool. We would like your views on the importance of IWS assessment in adult ICU. This 12-item questionnaire will take you less than 1-minute to complete.
Rebekah Eadie, ICU Pharmacist, Ulster Hospital
Bronagh Blackwood, Professor of Critical Care, Queen’s University Belfast
Danny McAuley, Professor & Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, Queen’s University Belfast
Martin Dempster, Professor of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast
Cathy McKenzie, Consultant Pharmacist in Critical Care, Southampton Hospital
Daniel Hadfield, Critical Care Nurse Research Fellow, King's College Hospital
Nicola Kalk, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, Kings College London
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