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Nominate or apply for an HDR UK Recognition in Health Data Science.

Please complete one or both of the following questions to be considered for HDR UK's Reproducibility Recognition and/or Hidden Role Recognition.

If you are nominating a recognition, we appreciate that you may not have all the details - please provide as much detail as you can.

HDR UK will store data submitted via this form for up to five years. This information will be used to assess and shortlist awards.

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* 1. Recognition

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* 2. For Reproducibility Recognition applicants, please let us know if this impact includes any practises supporting reproducibility and reuse - such as (but not limited to) pre-registration, use of reporting guidelines, FAIR data, open source software, registered reports, etc. You must include links to any evidence such as Github repositories, databases, etc.

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* 3. For Hidden Role Recognition applicants, please let us know of the practises and people who have had an impact on research delivery such as, but not limited to: data stewards and managers, librarians, technicians, Research Software Engineers, Professional Services Personnel, Research Managers and Administrators. Tell us about novel solutions to knotty issues, the level of support provided, etc

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* 4. Each year we look to improve the recognitions process at HDR UK.  Please do provide us with any feedback you have on this application and/or the process of applying for a recognition thus far.

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* 5. Person completing this form (this is only to confirm receipt of this nomination, nominators will remain anonymous):

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