Discover how SurveyMonkey empowers researchers to quickly surface data-driven insights and drive greater impact.

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Screenshot of SurveyMonkey advanced logic features, showing the ability to add rules and conditions to survey questions

With 25 question types, advanced logic and branching, custom variables and more, all delivered in an easy-to-use interface, SurveyMonkey provides researchers with all the tools they need to quickly gather data-driven insights.

Distribute your survey to the right audience by emailing it to a targeted list, sharing via other channels or targeting a specific population using our global panel of more than 175M people across 130+ countries.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey Audience solution that shows user different demographic options to select for respondents, including gender, age and household income
Screenshot of various analytics dashboards and graphs

Draw meaningful, data-driven conclusions with SurveyMonkey’s analysis tools. Export the raw data into a CSV, or integrate it with powerful BI tools like Tableau or Power BI to manipulate and analyse the data.

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Get actionable feedback on how your product appeals to your target audience.

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Stay on top of shifting market dynamics for a specific product category over time.

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Understand the demographic and behavioural traits of your top buyer segments.

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Know the preferences, habits and purchase behaviours of your targeted customers.

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Find the optimal price point and range for your product or service.

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Understand how your consumers think and buy, based on their purchasing lifecycle stage.

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Surface competitive advantages and consumer perceptions about your product category.

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Learn how your customers value your brand and products.

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Get feedback so you can quickly iterate and fine-tune packaging designs.