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Introducing Momentive: an agile experience management company

Introducing Momentive: an agile experience management company

In the 20+ years since its inception, SurveyMonkey has defined a business category, helping people answer 55 billion questions and spreading the power of feedback across the world. But as our strategy evolved and portfolio expanded, we also started to outgrow our name. Conversations with customers, prospects, and even employees began to make it clear that our ambitions were larger than the brand on the building. 

So, I’d like to introduce you to Momentive—a name and perspective that we think captures the momentum our customers are driving for their businesses and the energy our employees are creating as we reshape our own company for what's next.

Let’s be clear: SurveyMonkey, our flagship survey platform, isn’t going away. That name clearly defines what that product does and taps into the curiosity of our users, and it is still incredibly close to our hearts. It’s the most recognized brand in its category, with over 20 million global users. We will continue to invest in, and grow, SurveyMonkey as our company evolves. 

But the next chapter of our company will be about Momentive, which represents a broad portfolio of enterprise solutions that deliver insights about your market, brand, employees, customers, or product, that go beyond everyday surveys. It’s time to illuminate the full breadth of what we do—and the range of complex challenges our customers are addressing with our agile experience management and insights solutions.

Our mission is to power the curious so they can shape what's next. To do that, you need to listen to the opinions, beliefs, and needs of real people and amplify them with technology. There are three main tenets of Momentive.

Speed and agility: We empower leaders to make high-stakes decisions quickly by providing  fresh, relevant, trustworthy insights. Our solutions use our global reach and AI-powered insights to deliver these in hours or days—not weeks or months. Agility is one of the most important predictors of business success, and our solutions enable customers to become truly agile. 

AI, redefined: The choice of momentive.ai for our new corporate domain was highly intentional. Our AI-powered solutions help companies confidently reimagine experiences, transform products, or even reshape industries.

You may know AI as “artificial intelligence,” but I’ve never met a business leader who is striving for anything artificial. Customers we work with are reaching for agile intelligence, adaptive intelligence, accessible intelligence. Maybe more than anything—authentic intelligence. We use our vast data resources to power predictive analytics and machine learning, but ensure they stay grounded in human experiences. Each month, there are more than 150 million predictions completed on our platform, drawing from the 25 million questions answered on our platform every day. Each answer represents an individual human perspective, amplified by our technology. AI is the future, and we intend to lead in this domain.

Amplified voices:
Our vision and values are just as important a part of our corporate DNA as any product we offer. We will always strive for excellence in diversity, equity, and inclusion internally and in our communities, and amplify voices of individuals in marginalized communities. We will also continue to invest in social impact work and raise our voice on issues that we believe need to be addressed. We’ve set public diversity goals, pledged ourselves to pursuing equity in the broader business world, and donated time, money, and resources to nonprofits working on causes we care about. That work doesn’t stop here. It’s an essential part of who we are. 

Each of our solutions exemplifies these tenets, leveraging advanced AI to help leaders truly listen to the voices of their stakeholders and make sharp decisions quickly. Our customer experience management solutions under the GetFeedback brand, our specialized market research solutions, our products for candidate experience, product optimization, event experience and more all keep these principles front and center. 

Like our customers, we’ve been on our own journey of transformation. The decision to rebrand and relaunch the company was first proposed more than 2 years ago, and during this time we have prioritized the perspectives of our key stakeholders: our customers and employees. 

Using SurveyMonkey Enterprise along with Momentive brand and market insights, we collected feedback from over 22,000 people across 7 countries to understand our brand perception, how people experience our products and culture, and, eventually, which of our naming options resonated the most. Doing this, we moved from hundreds of possible options down to the name that you see today: Momentive.

For-profit businesses exist to serve customers—it’s hard to overstate how important their opinions are. So, we ran both quantitative and qualitative research studies, including in-depth interviews with key customers. Our findings demonstrated positive experiences with our solutions but also the limitations of the SurveyMonkey brand. 

In one study, customers ranked our products highly on “innovation,” but cited words like "cute," and "funny," when talking about the SurveyMonkey name. Those associations work well when we think about where we started (in 1999): a free online survey tool for everyone. But now, they are in tension with our business strategy as we continue to serve almost 9,000 enterprise customers including leading global brands like IBM, KLM, LG Electronics, Nasdaq, and PUMA. It was a clear signal that our product platform and business strategy weren’t well aligned with our corporate brand. 

We also considered our employees’ reaction. Almost 90% of the Momentive team say that they prefer our culture over those of their prior places of work. Our emphasis on curiosity and fun, and our colorful aesthetic and name have always been a part of that. Would this change factor into their experience of the company culture? 

Ultimately, our research found that although many employees did feel affection for our brand name and identity, it is far from the most important thing when it comes to company culture. 

Instead, our spirit of collaboration, emphasis on inclusion, and the group dynamics we’ve built over the years are what define us. We’re laser-focused on winning, and we intend to do it the right way. Additionally, more than half of our employees recognized the disconnect between our brand and current offerings, months before the decision was announced. For that reason, I’m hopeful that our whole team will be as energized about this new chapter as I am. 

It’s time for businesses to step up and shape the future they want to see, and we at Momentive want to help—and to lead by example.

If you want to hear more about our decision and what it means for the future, register for our  virtual market research event, FastForward Live, on June 10. If you’re a current customer, we’ve also created a set of Momentive FAQs to help you learn more about this change and what it means for you. We couldn’t be more grateful to have you along on the journey with us. 

Our new website showcases our new aesthetic and overall brand. Check it out!