Use SurveyMonkey to create online polls to schedule meetings, events and work rotations.

In today’s world, scheduling is more challenging than ever. Most people’s calendars are packed; they can be difficult to reach; and when you do reach them, they may not remember to respond.

Make it easy on yourself and use SurveyMonkey to create online polls for scheduling meetings! Instead of trying to hunt people down and follow up repeatedly by phone or email, use SurveyMonkey to build your poll. Then ask people to respond by sending a link out in an email or embedding your questionnaire on web and Facebook pages. You can even automate reminders to respond.

Launch your poll in a few minutes. It’s easy, efficient and FREE.

If you don’t already have a SurveyMonkey account, sign up for free to create and send your online scheduling poll in minutes. We make it simple to compose your question (or a few short questions), or you can get a head start with expert-certified templates and questions from our Question Bank. Then email or post the link to your poll and collect your responses. Voila!

Use online polls to refine your meeting scheduler for any meeting, event, class or activity!

  • Meetings. Use a SurveyMonkey online poll to schedule a meeting. Work out possible dates and times for a global team meeting. Planning an offsite? Ask for preferences on meeting locations, menus and extra-curricular activities, too, to streamline scheduling and planning.
  • Work schedules. If you run a restaurant, retail store, or any business that has a lot of employees working different shifts, creating a scheduling poll makes it easy to build your schedule by getting everyone’s availability laid out in one place.
  • Events. Assess host and guest availability and zero in on dates for big internal and external company, local or association events.
  • Family reunions. Poll far-flung family members for potential dates and locations for a reunion or other family celebration.
  • Social gatherings. Poll friends for the best dates and times for the next barbecue, group camping trip, girls’ night out, park play date or poker game.
  • Class schedules. Determine interest level and best day, date and time of day for scheduling classes, courses or seminars.
  • Volunteer events. Run polls to gather volunteer availability for scheduling a calendar of activities.

It’s easy. Here’s how you do it:

  • Sign up for your free SurveyMonkey account.
  • Create your poll.
  • Send your poll link via email or add the link to a Facebook or Twitter post.
  • Collect responses, analyse results and then schedule your event!

Simplify scheduling using SurveyMonkey online polls and then explore other ways to use surveys. Use any one of our survey templates as the basis for your online poll or start with one or more of the many methodologically sound and certified questions in our Question Bank. Although all of our questions are written by professional survey methodologists, you can also customise questions to suit your polling or surveying needs.

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