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Our fast, intuitive platform empowers people with the insights they need to make decisions quickly and confidently.

We provide answers to more than 20 million questions every day, helping organisations of all sizes build products people love, create winning marketing strategies, delight their customers and cultivate an engaged and happy workforce.

Our vision, mission and values reflect the best interests of our customers, employees and community. They inspire our growth. They help shape our business decisions, define our culture and gauge our success. Through our choices, words and actions, we strive to live our values each and every day.

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We are committed to listening, leaning into feedback from our employees and mutual growth. Achieving our goals in diversity, equity and inclusion is as important to our business as launching new products or hitting our financial targets. We seek to have a positive impact on the communities around us – and to amplify voices that have always been among us but aren’t always heard.

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Nichole Vine

"My favourite thing about working at SurveyMonkey is that the company truly lives by its values. It makes for a fun, inclusive, inspiring work environment where people feel comfortable bringing their own perspectives, opinions, ideas and whole self to work."

Nichole Vine (she, her), Manager, Customer Operations

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