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Build with AI: Say hello to AI-powered survey creation

Build with AI: Say hello to AI-powered survey creation

We’ve done the AI research and it’s clear that this technology has major potential to help people get more done, more easily. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that you can now give your survey creation an extra AI boost!

Build with AI is our latest AI-powered capability and an auto-magical way to build professional surveys in minutes. Find out how it’s going to transform how you think about survey creation, whether you aren’t sure where to begin, want inspiration about what questions to ask or simply need an expert assist. 

Animated GIF showing the process of building a survey with AI

A new addition to our SurveyMonkey Genius® AI capabilities, Build with AI automates survey and form creation with the help of GPT technology. Here’s how it works:

Describe your survey goals
Enter a description of the type of feedback you want. Based on that prompt, Build with AI will create a survey tailored to your unique needs. Not sure where to start? We offer expert-written, pre-drafted prompts that you can reference or use instead of a self-written description.

Get a custom-designed survey 
Build with AI not only automates survey creation, but it also generates respondent-friendly surveys, every single time. It’s like having a built-in survey expert that makes sure your survey follows best practices so that it’s an appropriate length, has the right question types and is clear and comprehensive. All of this creates a better experience for survey-takers and paves the way for higher response rates. 

Collect precise insights 
No matter how niche your feedback goals are, Build with AI surveys are designed to help you capture high-quality and actionable data. That means you won’t waste time on any results that are invalid or just plain unhelpful. And when you get the insights you need right from the start, you can make data-driven decisions even faster.  

We’re not new to AI and machine learning, and we have nearly 25 years of survey expertise fuelling our technology. Build with AI joins our suite of AI features available through SurveyMonkey Genius, which includes:

  • Question and Answer Genius: Get guidance on question types and answer options so you can create clearer, unbiased surveys.
  • Survey score: Rely on machine learning to uncover any issues before you share out your survey, and get suggested tips to improve.
  • Response quality analysis: Simplify survey data cleaning so you only spend time analysing responses that are relevant and accurate.
  • Sentiment analysis: Instantly analyse text responses to pinpoint the overall sentiment of your feedback.

With these capabilities, you can build, optimise and analyse your surveys like a pro and then get insights that’ll spark winning strategies. Learn more about Build with AI and SurveyMonkey Genius.

Build with AI is now available for all SurveyMonkey users. For Teams and Enterprise plans, admins will need to enable the feature for use.