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SurveyMonkey poll: TikTok use doubles among teens

SurveyMonkey poll: TikTok use doubles among teens

TikTok has exploded among teens in just the last few months, with its popularity more than doubling over the summer. In a new Common Sense Media|SurveyMonkey poll, nearly half of teens (45%) say they have used TikTok in the last year, more than the 39% who’ve used Facebook in the same time period.

TikTok chart

TikTok’s usage is more than twice as high as it was just four months earlier, according to other SurveyMonkey data. In a research survey conducted from late May to early June, we asked a nearly identical question and found that just 17% of teens say they use TikTok. 

Over the same time period, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook saw little or no significant change in their popularity among teens. About three quarters of teens say they use Instagram, and nearly as many use Snapchat. By contrast, between three and four in 10 teens use Facebook. 

From the beginning of the summer to the beginning of the fall, TikTok usage quadrupled among teen boys: just eight percent of boys age 13-17 said they used TikTok in May/June but that had grown to 32% by September/October. Girls’ TikTok usage doubled in the same time period, from 27% to 59%. Among younger teens and older teens, and teens of various racial and ethnic backgrounds, TikTok usage increased by about the same percentage.

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