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Simple ways to protect your Team’s survey data

Simple ways to protect your Team’s survey data

Privacy law and regulation define how organizations collect and use personal data. With survey responses capturing a wide range of information of a personal nature, how do you empower your teammates to continue with their good work of getting feedback to drive impact while protecting respondents’ personal data? 

As a member of a SurveyMonkey Team plan, there are several mechanisms available to you to help you manage your survey data in a compliant manner.

Surveys are private until each team member shares them with other people on the team. You can share surveys with people in or outside of your team. To protect personal data, Team Admins can control the level of access team members have to each section of the survey. The highest level of access available to people outside your team is View Only. 

To do that, you can go to My Surveys, click “Shared by you” next to the survey title, click on the pencil icon next to the person whose permissions you want to edit, choose the new access level for each section of the survey, and click save. It’s also possible to update the sharing permissions for multiple surveys—and do so for all surveys at once. Learn more about viewing and editing sharing permissions. 

Add more seats to your team, collect feedback at scale, and make big impacts.

One of many benefits of a Team plan is the ability for an Admin to reassign or delete Organizational accounts. This means that all of your organization’s survey data stays with the company even if a User or Admin leaves the company. (This feature is not available to a Team Admin if the account is personal, i.e. the account was created by a user for their personal use. In that case, all survey data could be lost when the owner of the personal account leaves the company.) Learn more about account and data ownership in our Help Center. 

Team Admins can reassign team accounts to another person, along with all of the surveys and data contained within them. If the account is a collaborator on any shared surveys, the survey will remain shared with the account—even after it’s reassigned to a different person. You can also choose to fully delete an account and all the surveys owned by that account if they’re no longer being used, or want to start fresh with a new team member. Check out this Help Center article that goes into detail about how to reassign or delete accounts

Keeping customer and employee data protected needs to be paramount for any organization. We have a great many resources to help you protect your SurveyMonkey account and data. Start at our Help Center article, “Protecting your SurveyMonkey Account and Data,” and go from there.