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The Custom Question Bank: Your questions, your voice, your way

The Custom Question Bank: Your questions, your voice, your way

Now it’s easier than ever to create survey questions that are unique to your business, and to share them with your entire organization to use again and again.

We realize a lot goes into creating and maintaining the unique way your business communicates with its customers and employees. And, it should be easy to reflect your brand’s voice throughout all your surveys. That's why we’re excited to announce the all new Custom Question Bank feature for SurveyMonkey Enterprise customers.

Does your marketing or customer satisfaction team have a question they want to ensure is asked in a way that will truly connect with your specific audience? Your account admins can create the question and post it to your organization's Custom Question Bank. Then, all the users who are on your Enterprise SurveyMonkey account will be able to view the question and add it to their surveys.

Does your HR or legal team have questions that need to be worded in an exact way, perhaps according to compliance guidelines? Post them to your organization's Custom Question Bank and rest assured, knowing crucial questions are worded correctly, every time, across your entire organization.

Don’t want to copy an entire template, but want the ability to easily insert commonly used questions that are unique to your business? Save them to your Custom Question Bank for your entire team to reference and use across their surveys again and again. This feature works alongside the current SurveyMonkey Question Bank.

Your account administrator is the only one who can save or delete questions in your Custom Question Bank. To do so:

Under the Question Bank Menu, you will see two question banks. One is the original SurveyMonkey Question Bank, and the second is the Custom Question Bank specific to  your organization.

  • Create a survey
  • Add a question and save it
  • When you hover over the question you saved, you will see the Library button
  • Click the Library button, and a dialogue box to add tags will open
  • Add tags that are relevant to the question type to make it easy for others in your organization to find later. If you have multiple tags, simply separate them with a comma to create each tag.
  • Click the Add to Library button. Your question is now saved for anyone on your Enterprise account to insert into their surveys.
Adding a question to the Custom Question Bank
  • Under the Question Bank menu, click on your Custom Question Bank
  • You will now see two tabs at the top. Click on the tab for your Custom Question Bank.
  • Your Custom Question Bank tab will display the questions added by the admin
  • You can search questions by keywords, or you can filter by tags
Filtering Custom Question Bank questions
  • Users can create a survey as they normally would
  • Under the Question Bank Menu, they can click on your Custom Question Bank
  • Then they can select questions that have been pre-composed and approved to add to their survey
Using Custom Question Bank in Enterprise account

Drive deeper and more genuine insights across your organization, with Enterprise features for your entire team.