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Thoughts from our new CEO, Eric Johnson

Thoughts from our new CEO, Eric Johnson

There’s nothing quite like the first day of a new job. You’re excited, energized, and full of ideas about how to approach the work ahead. As I humbly step into my role as CEO of SurveyMonkey, I feel all these things as well as appreciation for the past leadership of the company, the hard work of the team, and so much optimism for what we can accomplish.

So who am I? My name is Eric Johnson, and I’ve spent the last eight months as SurveyMonkey’s interim CMO and head of growth—a time that I value for giving me the opportunity to get to know this business and our incredible customers. 

SurveyMonkey has been through many changes over the course of its 20+ year journey: introducing new products and AI-driven features, opening offices across the globe, while building one of the world’s leading feedback platforms that answers 20 million questions daily. There have been challenges, but they are overcome by some important constants: an inclusive, highly-motivated company culture and an absolute commitment to customer centricity. As we navigate the next steps of our journey, I hope to lean on these north stars while  strengthening our core offerings and improving our product experience.

A bit about me 

Before joining SurveyMonkey in 2022, I was the CEO of LaneOne, a digital ticketing platform. Prior to  that, I was EVP & General Manager at CBS Interactive, President at Wolfgang’s Vault, and an investment banker at JPMorgan, covering software and digital media companies. 

I care immensely about delivering innovative products. I love great design. I like to drill into the details and learn from the people around me. I value accountability, hearing different perspectives, and hard work – none of which has to come at the expense of having fun, building camaraderie, and a relentless focus on winning.

I live in San Francisco with my wife, Jennifer, our two daughters, Grace and Lucy, and our new puppy, Mabel. 

Where I see us going from here 

The next chapter of SurveyMonkey is all about you, our customer. SurveyMonkey has been a category leader in the space for decades, and our focus will be on how to make our core product even better, easier to use, and more effective for every user. We have an amazing starting point, with a product that people have used and loved for over 20 years. I can’t wait to build on this foundation. The past eight months have blown me away with the creativity, innovation, and curiosity that I’ve witnessed from the team. I know I’m a little biased, but I see so much possibility for the future, building on an amazing foundation, and I can’t wait to see what we can deliver for you. 

I’m humbled and thrilled to be joining the SurveyMonkey team as CEO and I am excited to get to work.