Introduction to Libre Quiz

This resource is intended to help with some of the common scenarios encountered by people using Freestyle Libre.  Although we are calling it a 'quiz', like most things in diabetes, there is often no such thing as a single correct answer.  Don't worry if your responses are not all 'correct' - the important thing is to use this as an opportunity to reflect on what you are doing and identify things which you may wish to change.  As always, if you're not sure about something, it is worth getting in touch with your diabetes team, who will be happy to help.

DISCLAIMER:  This quiz is intended to provide broad guidance only - every individual is different - if you require specific advice please contact your own diabetes specialist team.  

There are 13 separate scenarios - each is presented as a screenshot from a Freestyle Libre alongside some explanation of the context.  Each scenario has one or two multiple choice questions followed by an explanation of the answer(s).

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