Get the right product-market fit with customer, market and product insights from SurveyMonkey.

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Collect critical feedback from potential customers to validate a concept and create a process for iterative refinement that helps you achieve strong product-market fit and a successful launch.

Conduct market research to determine where your product fits relative to competitors. Collect data to help you size the market, explore consumer perceptions around competitive products, test pricing and more.

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Ask customers about features or product improvements they want so you can prioritise your roadmap for the biggest impact. Customers can easily rank their requests in order from most important to least important.

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Get early product feedback and validation from your target market.

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Assess market opportunities for new products or geographic expansion.

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Get actionable feedback on your product or service before you go to market.

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Effectively gauge customer satisfaction to improve outcomes.

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Determine the optimal price point for your product or service.

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Conduct competitor analysis to assess your target market and competitive landscape.

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Measure Net Promoter Score® (NPS) to assess strengths and weaknesses.

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Quickly test and prioritise early-stage product or creative ideas with your target audience.

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Have your product concepts, feature optimisations and ideas validated by a trusted audience.

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