Uncover what matters most to patients and healthcare workers so you can improve each and every experience.

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Screenshot of analysis of a SurveyMonkey healthcare survey asking about patient care quality

SurveyMonkey empowers hospitals and clinics to seamlessly capture insights throughout the entire healthcare experience to improve patient care, boost loyalty and maximise staff engagement. HIPAA compliance (in the US) at SurveyMonkey ensures that any PHI is handled in accordance with federal regulations.

Health insurers use SurveyMonkey to easily capture member sentiment and deliver better end-to-end member experiences. Our market research solutions give organisations the necessary tools to gather market insights for new product development and membership growth.

Mobile phone screenshot showing a survey question asking about how easy it was to find the information you were looking for, with four stars next to it
Survey question asking about how satisfied a user was with using an application, with five stars next to it

Create better products that drive user growth and adoption with insights from your target market: patients, caregivers, hospitals and clinics, and more. SurveyMonkey makes it easy to collect feedback, measure customer satisfaction using CSAT and Net Promoter® Score (NPS) surveys, and track brand performance over time.

Accelerate research and drive in-market success by listening to the needs of your target market, customers, and hospitals and clinics. With SurveyMonkey, easily gather market insights, get actionable brand awareness and usage metrics, and tie everything together with powerful analytics and flexible integrations.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey Audience solution, asking a user to select targeting options
Screenshot of a survey asking a user about their patient experience, with lock symbol next to it

Make sure your survey data stays confidential with SSO, HIPAA and GDPR compliance features and data encryption.

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“We’re able to demonstrate, through surveys, that we are having a positive impact on our members’ decision-making processes and easing their burden as they face complex, life-changing moments.”

Laura Lee, Product Manager, Carrot

HIPAA-compliant intake forms and expert-approved templates help organisations like Carrot better serve their members.

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey post-visit patient satisfaction survey template

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey health insurance evaluation survey template

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey CAHPS visit evaluation survey template

Screenshot of SurveyMonkey hospital evaluation survey template

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Request a demo to learn how SurveyMonkey can help you:

  • Elevate the patient experience
  • Promote employee wellbeing
  • Benchmark your organisation, improve performance, and drive loyalty

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