Ask students, staff, families and administrators the right questions to improve student experiences, innovate on education and become a data-driven institution.

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Make it easy for students to complete forms, apply for scholarships and more with an online applicant portal that features side-by-side views of materials and rubrics where they can quickly check details and progress through the admissions process.

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Meet the evolving needs of your students by asking them what they want and expect. With dozens of pre-built templates, expertly designed for education, it’s quick and easy to start making more informed programming and policy decisions that result in better student experiences.

Find out how your staff really feel about your organisation and culture, using our pre-built faculty satisfaction survey template, so you can increase retention and improve job satisfaction. Start collecting feedback before, during and after internal meetings to learn how you can create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

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Assess student understanding of subject matter, gauge satisfaction and evaluate instructors.

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Collect actionable data to make the experiences of your students and staff better while improving alumni engagement.

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Make the application process simple, automate workflows and select the best candidates faster.

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“It was the best available product at the time, and it continues to be. SurveyMonkey Apply is so simple that we don't have the challenges that we do with other systems that have a lot of quirks.”

Max Coller, Distinguished Business Systems Analyst at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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  • Make applications simple
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