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Listen4Good is a Fund for Shared Insight initiative that provides nonprofits and government agencies with an end-to-end system for soliciting and responding to direct client feedback.


The Listen4Good program is designed to help organizations build high-quality feedback loops with clients, make strategic decisions, deliver services, and partner more closely with the communities they serve.

To bring forward the voices of those often least heard, the Listen4Good’s program is grounded in principles and practices of equity and inclusion. These feedback analytics are powered by SurveyMonkey Enterprise, an agile feedback solution from Momentive.*


Listen4Good serves over 550 nonprofit organizations across the U.S., using SurveyMonkey Enterprise to gather and analyze client feedback across industries, backgrounds, and locations. Every nonprofit they work with is direct-service, meaning that they help communities through on-the-ground services, advocacy, or physical support.


With such diverse groups of people to serve, Listen4Good needed solutions with powerful analytics and scope, as well as an intuitive interface. SurveyMonkey Enterprise is a trusted brand in the nonprofit sector, with an agile user experience that Listen4Good uses with minimal friction during onboarding and scaling.


Listen4Good provides expertly designed survey questions that give nonprofits benchmarks to learn from, while empowering them to create customized feedback surveys to support their specific goals and areas of interest. The result? A knowledge-based and collaborative approach that drives organizational change.


A survey tool featuring both benchmarked and custom questions for use—including a special adaptation of the Net Promoter System® (NPS), a widely recognized
customer experience metric. Listen4Good represents one of the largest pilots of
NPS in the social sector.

Interactive tools, including a proprietary web app, powered by SurveyMonkey, with
step-by-step guides and tutorials, peer examples, and rich content about high-quality feedback practices.

Access to a diverse group of coaching and support professionals who have expertise in survey design, data analysis, and organizational change, and bring a
strong equity lens.

Group learning and engagement opportunities through an online peer community and robust webinar schedule.

Each Listen4Good program is specially designed to help nonprofits listen and respond to the people most impacted by their work.

By providing feedback opportunities to clients, nonprofits are able to amplify the perspectives of those receiving services—many of whom have been historically or systematically prevented from having their voices heard.

Listen4Good organizations build the capacity to listen and respond to their clients, leading to positive changes in the way they make decisions, deliver services, and create sustained, power-sharing partnerships.

You can see Listen4Good’s process in action in their work with Pace Center for Girls.

Pace video

The Art Effect’s educational art program was highly rated among its participants—

but Listen4Good feedback showed that not everyone felt equally comfortable and included, especially not its Black and Latinx students.

The program made an effort to expand its diversity and inclusion efforts, including outreach and internal training, in order to improve.

Natividad Foundation provides interpretation services for Mexican immigrants who are trying to navigate the healthcare system without speaking English. The foundation gathered feedback using Listen4Good tools to tweak their program, adding 8 more hours of training for their interpreters and other improvements to make their service even more valuable.

Boy smiling

These Silicon Valley food banks provide an incredibly valuable service,

but Listen4Good feedback from their communities revealed something simple they could do to be even more helpful: increase the amount of information that they shared in other languages.

Both communities include a large number of Vietnamese and Chinese-speaking immigrants, and the non profit decided to create signs and other communications in those languages to support them better. 

*Momentive is the new name of the company previously known as SurveyMonkey.

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