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Use peer feedback to help improve employee performance.

Create better courses and improve teaching methods.

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Find out what your customers think about your new product ideas.


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How to have influence at the intersection of product, sales, and marketing

Product Marketing Webinar Series
Mar. 19 | Apr. 9 | Apr. 30 | 10–11am (PT)

Product marketers sit at a challenging junction within the organization, charged with achieving alignment between different departments with widely differing goals and perspectives. To be successful, they must be agile, proactive, and quick to identify rapidly changing customer preferences, market trends, and competitor developments. Our new webinar series invites product marketers to share how they’ve broken through silos to achieve organization-wide alignment and earn a strategic seat at the table. We’ll cover:

Becoming a thought leader takes more than an idea. Brex and SurveyMonkey share their approach.

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What’s the secret to creating messaging that sticks? Marketers from Apptio and SurveyMonkey discuss.

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Learn how to take products to market with confidence with insights into adoption, use cases, and more.

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Aliza Edelstein

Aliza Edelstein, Product Marketing Lead, Brex

Morgan Molnar

Morgan Molnar, Director, Product Marketing, SurveyMonkey

Webinar 1 | On-demand

Your goal is to get your message out there and establish your brand as a thought leader. But how do you come up with fresh and compelling content ideas that stand out from the crowd? Join our session to learn how product marketing leaders at Brex and SurveyMonkey are leveraging proprietary research to build credibility, earn positive attention, and drive demand for their brands.

Webinar 2 | On-demand

Developing compelling messaging that breaks through the noise and resonates with your target market is one of product marketing’s most crucial tasks. Tune in to find out how Apptio and SurveyMonkey nailed their messaging by listening and taking feedback to heart. You’ll walk away with ideas for how to break through organizational silos, get cross-functional buy in, and champion new messaging across the org.

Jarod Greene

Jarod Greene, VP, Product Marketing, Apptio

Sarah Din

Sarah Din, Director, Product Marketing, SurveyMonkey

Deanna Scott

Deanna Scott, Product Manager, SurveyMonkey

Vyoma Kapur

Vyoma Kapur, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, SurveyMonkey

Webinar 3 | On-demand

What drives product usage and adoption? Will your product launch succeed or flop? In this session, we’ll discuss how we’ve used surveys here at SurveyMonkey to gather customer insights about specific product features and functionality, understand use cases that drive adoption, and gauge the success of a product launch.

Brand Marketing Manager

Brand marketing managers can use this toolkit to understand their target audience, grow their brand and prove ROI.

Closed-ended questions: examples and how to use them

Closed-ended questions get specific, concise and targeted responses that allow us to conduct statistical analysis. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is data analysis and why is it important in market research?

Create data-informed marketing strategies that align with your target audience. Learn how to leverage your market research with thorough data analysis.

See SurveyMonkey solutions for consumer products and services

The consumer products and services industry, including CPG, travel and hospitality, relies on SurveyMonkey insights to shape what’s next.

Get the insights you need to drive growth, boost ROI, and be a better marketer.