Automate your Net Promoter Score® (NPS) programme so you can spend more time acting on the customer insights.

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Screenshot of a SurveyMonkey benchmarkable template NPS score calculated from survey results

Start capturing NPS in a matter of hours with a benchmarkable template that helps you see how you stack up. With 25+ question types, SurveyMonkey makes it easy to customise with follow-up questions to understand what’s driving your scores.

Integrate data into the tools you use every day to trigger surveys in real time. Or, schedule your NPS survey at regular intervals to understand sentiment at key points in the customer journey. Embed the NPS question in emails to increase response rates.

Man holding a phone next to a Likert scale question
Screenshot of SurveyMonkey survey showing a Likert scale question with a score of 3 and a chat bubble above it asking the user how their experience can be improved

Use NPS responses as an opportunity to engage your customers. Be notified of responses or create automated workflows using integrations. Quickly follow up with passives and detractors, and build targeted campaigns to turn your promoters into vocal advocates.

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