Get insights fast with Expert Solutions

Collect feedback on your ideas from your target market and get insights in as little as an hour. SurveyMonkey Expert Solutions help you test product and creative concepts using our expert methodology, trusted online panel, and AI-Powered Insights to eliminate manual processes and deliver insights, fast.

Ad Creative Analysis to test copy and visual impact

Product Concept Analysis to test products, services, or features

Packaging Design Analysis to maximize product appeal

Messaging & Claims Analysis to check on your message 

Brand Name Analysis to see if your brand resonates

Logo Design Analysis to find a logo that connects

Video Creative Analysis to check video effectiveness

SurveyMonkey’s Market Research Solutions automatically compare and score multiple concepts, and provide qualitative feedback to help you identify which concept will most effectively reach your target market—and why.

Scorecard comparing two concepts in a target market

Target your ideal audience with product, creative, or campaign ideas, and tap into our expert methodology for data collection and analysis.

Quickly and easily get insights in hours versus months. Our new AI-Powered Insights do the work for you.

No more manual formatting, stat testing, PPT building, or digging through filters to find the story in your data. We package insights into a C-suite-ready presentation.