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Contribute users have raised $15M for nonprofits! (Watch!)

Contribute users have raised $15M for nonprofits! (Watch!)

We're thrilled to announce that SurveyMonkey Contribute has raised over 15 MILLION dollars for well-deserving non-profits! To celebrate, we want to highlight some of the amazing organizations that the money helps support. Here are 8 orgs that SurveyMonkey users raised money for, simply by taking surveys.

What is Contribute you ask? It's a program that lets survey respondents  to take surveys in exchange for a SurveyMonkey-sponsored donation to a nonprofit of their choice. Our SurveyMonkey Audience customers get market research, and the survey takers get to make an impact.

SurveyMonkey Contribute supports dozens of nonprofits, both local and international. We asked a few of them to share some words about the experience.

We also wanted to focus in on one specific nonprofit, Larkin Street Youth, which is based in California's Bay Area, just like SurveyMonkey.

We highlighted 7 more organizations in detail in an article last month— including the Humane Society, the Special Olympics, Glide, Doctors Without Borders, the American Red Cross, Clean Water Society, and the International Rescue Committee. Check it out if you haven't yet!

If you're an active Contribute user, thank you so much for helping make such a major impact. If you're interested, try signing up, or check out our SurveyMonkey for Good page for more info about how we're working to make the world a better place, one survey at a time.