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How tax prep productivity software company SurePrep boosts leads and conversions with customer stories

How tax prep productivity software company SurePrep boosts leads and conversions with customer stories

Tax prep productivity software company SurePrep works with some of the largest CPA firms in the world—a group of naturally risk-averse people. To win business, SurePrep needs to convince these skeptical prospects that the SurePrep product is a worthy investment. And for VP of Marketing Greg Pope, the best approach is clear: they need to show proof by presenting buyers with relevant case studies and testimonials. 

Greg relies on positive stories from customers at every level of the software company’s marketing strategy. While customer stories are powerful tools for sales and demand generation, collecting and leveraging them can be a cumbersome and challenging process. In the past,  these stories were gathered by customer service managers who connected with happy customers and requested feedback and quotes for use in marketing collateral.

“The process was not easy,” Greg says. “And even when we got positive feedback and quotes, it was challenging to turn that into easy-to-use content.”

SurePrep’s marketing team wanted a faster and easier way to gather customer stories, and one that would help them avoid burning out their go-to customer advocates with too many marketing-related requests.

The marketing team was already successfully using SurveyMonkey to collect feedback from customers, so Greg looked into SurveyMonkey’s additional offerings and decided to leverage TechValidate, SurveyMonkey’s solution for capturing and transforming customer feedback into case studies, testimonials, reviews, and more. 

It seemed too good to be true. TechValidate addressed each challenge we had and worked exactly as we’d hoped.

More informed strategy and a boost in credibility 

Using TechValidate, Greg and his team are able to quickly and easily gather customer feedback, pull out the most important quotes, stats, and case studies, and publish impactful marketing pieces to use across sales and marketing initiatives. 

“The implementation process couldn’t have been easier. We worked with our Client Success Manager to create our first survey but the system is so intuitive and easy to use we were up and running in a few hours,” says Greg.

The most valuable stories for SurePrep are those that highlight their competitive advantage and business value. 

By filtering for attributes like role, industry, and company size, SurePrep can create highly targeted collateral at specific parts of the customer journey, ensuring that they are getting the most relevant information at the right time. The social proof gathered through the solution showcases how SurePrep stacks up against competitors and makes a strong case for choosing SurePrep products. 

TechValidate also supports SurePrep’s digital content development efforts. Data is used to create social media posts and webinars and helps the team keep topics and insights fresh and relevant to customers’ and prospects’ needs.

SurePrep’s executive team has access to TechValidate and is sent detailed summaries via auto-generated emails from the app, providing greater transparency and awareness of marketing efforts and customer feedback for the C-suite. The marketing team utilizes TechValidate’s Salesforce integration to help organize all the customer content in one place and make it easier for the team to access directly in Salesforce.

The result? The team is more collaborative, and internal support for marketing efforts has increased. The information collected through TechValidate showcases marketing’s return on investment and has bolstered marketing’s credibility among SurePrep’s broader team.  

Increasing conversions and inspiring employees

In its three years using TechValidate, SurePrep has seen an increase in leads and a shortening of its sales cycle. The collateral created with TechValidate helps the marketing team boost customer confidence in the buying process. Since making the switch to TechValidate, SurePrep has seen a 10% increase in conversions. Greg says that the platform has played an integral piece in its marketing success.

TechValidate helps us build trust throughout the sales cycle, which gives prospects the confidence they need to become customers.

Greg initially expected TechValidate to assist with sales enablement—but he didn’t realize the insights collected on the platform would have major impact beyond lead development and conversions. TechValidate isn’t solely used to drive sales and marketing—the stories are also leveraged to inspire and motivate team members. 

“We have taken TechFacts and printed them to display in our office,” Greg says. 

As Greg continues to grow SurePrep’s marketing and lead generation programs, he will continue to integrate TechValidate’s timely, useful insights to create targeted collateral.

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